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136                                          FLOKA   TNDICA.
The climate of Mysore is much drier than that of Mala-
bar, because the greater part of the south-west monsoon is
intercepted by the lofty ranges of the Nilghiri and of Kurg.
The summer heat is however very moderate, partly on ac-
count of the elevation of the table-land, and partly bccaiiso
the proximity of the high central chain, which is very much
cooled, produces" a great amount of cloudy weather through-
out the summer months. In winter the north-east monsoon
is little felt in the interior, the greater part of the discharge
from it being on the coast and on the line of (ihats at the
border of the table-land. The winter temperature is therefore
not much less than that of summer, so that the climate is
very equaWe. The mean temperature of Bangalor is 7-i<°3 and
the rain-fall 35 inches; at Bellary the rain amounts to only
&2 inches. To the northward, the north-cast monsoon is very
little felt in the western districts, bat at Cadapah there is
generally heavy'rain in November, and the remainder of
fch« winter is dry. This place is HO low, and so far from the
mountain axis and the west coast, that the south-west mon-
soon is scarcely felt, even by the formation of clouds, though
strong westerly winds prevail at that season. Cadapah is
hence one of the hottest and most unhealthy parts of the
Madras Presidency.
The vegetation of Mysore, like that of the Garnatic, is ra-
ther scanty. The level surface of the table-land is frequently
very barren, arid the hills arc often bare or covered with low
scrubby jungle. In the western part of the province, the east-
ern .slopes of the central chain are clothed with, den«c forest,
and the humidity is there very considerable, and the vegeta-
tion in consequence more varied, but approaching closely to
that of Malabar,
The sfcccp slopes of the eastern Ghats, which are powerfully
affected ;fyy' the north-cast monsoon, are also in general densely
wfoodedf ('Characteristic trees and shrubs are hora,
laceae au<V Mdiuce®, Erythroxylont JDiffterocarpm,
Acacia Lebbvk, Cama Fistula, Pterwcarpus, ftufoa frondosa,